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It releases now

Have you also learned the prayer "Our Father in Heaven" as in Matthew 6 in Sunday class or so?

Did you also wonder what was the point of reciting it?

To start, it is about tuning into the frequencies of the Universe (verses 9,10). Knowing that everything in Life works towards my highest good, I understand this as my part: to elevate my awareness for what is happening, in order to collaborate with Life properly. 

Second, I acknowledge my needs and the necessity for them to be fulfilled (verse 11).

Finally, however, comes an interesting part. For me personally, it does not always feel truthful to say “.... as we forgive others.” This morning, I felt more authentic saying : “... and help me forgive others”.

Then, something wonderful happens. Before I realise it, words start flowing: “I want to forgive Dida, Rodo, Hejana, ...”, and a long list of names streams out.

In this moment, my whole body feels like I am filled up with this multitude of people. I feel literally that their presence in me had made up a huge and heavy block inside me. And now it slowly begins to melt. I am already forgiving, right now. Not postponing. 

Ok! Then this is true for me now: “forgive me, and I genuinely decide NOW to forgive those who have wronged me”. (Verses 12-15)

NOW the Divine can flow through me.

NOW great things can happen.

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