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Delight of Giving

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Whenever there is scarcity of something in your life, ask yourself "What have I been not giving?". Well, in my case, it has sometimes been money. Giving does not mean just throwing something out of the window, nor to get rid of it. No. It is the giving that is accompanied with delight and joy, that our system and the Universe interpret as giving. If you give something but you are sad, or you secretly are against it, the effect is not the same. The positive energy that is set free during this act is just as important. Delight and joy while giving is correlated to a feeling of being abundant and rich enough to give. Now, since your brain does not make any difference between what really is with what you are creating in your mind, the result is: you create a reality of abundance. Because whatever exists in the reality is first created in the mind.

See, on a birthday I was celebrating in the past, while I just had enough to buy some food and drinks for my party, a man asked me for money on my way home. I was in a state of delight because it was my birthday, and I was happy to hand over 30 CHF to him without a second thought, and this was half of my fortune. My friend beside me, who knew of my scarce financial situation, was as much surprised. But then something happened later at my party: somebody handed over to me an envelope containing 300 CHF as a present - 10 times the amount I had joyfully given. Can you relate to this?

What have you been not giving? Is it love? Listening? Forgiveness? Also money?

originally published 13.12.2017

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