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Many of us have been educated in a way that makes us believe that the world needs us to be a certain way in order to be fine. We have been taught by society, by our parents, or by religion, to even shut down some parts of us, so as to be acceptable. But that doesn’t work, because we were born as a gift to the world, and the world ends up missing us when we try to be another person. The truth is rather that the world needs us the way we really are, with our particularities, with our values, in order to prosper. That’s the way WE all need you. Any other version deprives us of somebody precious. YOU.

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Le fermier travaille beaucoup. Tellement sans cesse, que je me demande: "mais c'est pour quand qu'il travaille, quand va t-il en profiter?". Même après être rentré chez lui, il se met encore à une tab


In today’s post, I invite you to an exercise: What are the things today that you surprise yourself thinking, dreaming of or talking about, but immediately think or say it‘s not possible? .............

Dinosaur arms

»It was time to make up her bed freshly. The new bedlinen she used were white, ornamented with beaufitul poppy flowers. She had grabbed them deep from the bottom of the basket that contained all her b

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